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Our Mission


To put the art back into the craft of making authentic beef Biltong and Jerky from sustainably sourced grass fed beef. The unmissable flavour of Prime free range grass fed beef is simply the way beef is supposed to taste.

Crafted onsite in small batches, slices of silverside beef are blended in a selection of specially prepared spices. Tumbled under vacuum to infuse spice with beef then marinated and slowly dry air cured into rich slabs of carnivore heaven.

The ultimate beef snack that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.


Our journey back to Europe from whence our forefathers (The Voortrekkers) left almost 200 years ago in search of new opportunities and the great African adventure.

We brought with us a beef snack (Biltong) which was not readily available in the UK at the time. With our passion for Biltong and Inspired by our family who have been crafting this delicious snack for generations Hunters Biltong a family run business was established in the UK in 2002. Over the years we have mastered our craft and created a delicious range of Beef Biltong and Jerky by combining traditional recipes with new dry curing methods. The result a tasty beef snack our forefathers would be proud of.

Hunters is Dedicated to my father Paul Kruger Van Niekerk.